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Скрипты git-check


Получить статус по всем дочерним git репозиториям

## gitcheck:
##   Check all git repositories in subdirectories, and list the ones with changes
##   30/07/2011, AstroFloyd, bzrcheck
##   18/01/2013, Astrofloyd, gitcheck

# Initialise counters:
let count_all=0
let count_changed=0
let count_unchanged=0

# Set to 1 for more verbose output:
let verbose=0

# Find git repos and loop over them:
for repo in `find . -type d -name ".git"`
    let count_all=${count_all}+1

    # cd to the dir that contains .git/:
    dir=`echo ${repo} | sed -e 's/\/.git/\//'`
    cd ${dir}

    # If there are changes, print some status and branch info of this repo:
    git status -s | grep -v '??' &> /dev/null && {
	echo -e "\n\n \E[1;31m ${dir}\E[0m"
	git branch -vvra
	git status -s | grep -v '??'
	let count_changed=${count_changed}+1

    # If verbose, print info in the case of no changes:
    git status -s | grep -v '??' &> /dev/null || {
	if [ ${verbose} -ne 0 ]; then echo "Nothing to do for ${dir}"; fi
	let count_unchanged=${count_unchanged}+1

    # cd back:
    cd - &> /dev/null

# Report status and exit:
echo -ne "\n\n${count_all} git repositories found: "
echo -ne "${count_changed} have changes, "
echo -ne "${count_unchanged} are unchanged.\n\n"